The functions of academic staff in the effective governance of university

Keywords: academic staff, functions, quality of academic staff, governance system, effective governance, structure and composition of governance bodies, Senate, University Council, shared governance, Nolan principles


This article examines the main functions of academic staff in the effective governance of the university. The topicality of the study is confirmed by many European documents, which trace the key role of academic staff in making important decisions at national, institutional and academic levels. The basic concepts of academic staff in the countries of the European Higher Education Area are considered and the definition of scientific and pedagogical staff in accordance with the law of Ukraine is analyzed. It is noted that academic staff are involved and represented in the governing bodies of the institution of higher education of Ukraine and take an active role there. A system analysis of governance bodies in the countries of the European Higher Education Area has been conducted and describes the UK’s national, institutional and academic governance. The structure of governance is analyzed, in particular, the composition and main functions of the Senate, the University Council. It is noted that there should be one representative of the academic staff in the governing bodies. It is also determined that academic staff should be part of the work of the Council sub-committees. The basic criteria and values of good governance are determined. The principles of shared governance and Nolan’s principles (selflessness, integrity, objectivity, responsibility, openness, honesty, and leadership) are singled out. One of the main functions of academic staff in government is to adhere to the core values enshrined in Nolan’s principles.

When elected to the governing bodies, the academic staff should have knowledge of the main elements of the work of the governing bodies.

The basic functions and qualities of academic staff are determined. In addition to the basic knowledge of the system, governance structure, governance principles, core values and qualities of the necessary academic staff to perform their functions and responsibilities in the governing bodies, academic staff also carries out their immediate and top-priority functions at the university - this is the function of learning , teaching and research.


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Author Biography

O. Palamarchuk, Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Senior researcher

PhD in Educational Sciences


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