• Pascal Doh University of Tampere, Finland
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial, University, Education, economic development


Observing that the two phenomena have evolved separately amidst misunderstandings, this article set out to provide clarity on the ´entrepreneurial university´ concept and university ´entrepreneurship education´. The analyses are theory-driven from a desktop review of scholarships on both concepts and data from a study on universities in economic development and poverty reduction. As a point of departure, the author adopts the ´entrepreneurial university´ concept to analyze the institutional attributes and portray their links and missing links. Although the two practices have evolved in a parallel manner, entrepreneurship education at the basic unit does not operate in a vacuum and could reflect and correlate to institutional characteristics. Action in one element (or inaction) could affect the other. In point of fact, an entrepreneurial university could also correlate to be a university that is highly engaged in entrepreneurship education. We conclude that an integrated framework is necessary as a director of attention and evaluation for strategic planning of university entrepreneurship and at the least, stimulate discussions and policies thereof.


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