• Anna Yatvetska
  • Tatyana Kryvosheia
Keywords: leader, political discourse, sociological methods, biographical analysis


The thematic justification of this publication is determined by need of moving from the theoretical study of the leadership problems in the sociologically oriented research practice leadership manifestations. The article summarizes the experience of modern researches on the analysis of «text portrait» of leaders: psycholinguistic survey of the texts of historical figures, intent analysis of political discourse as the identification of conflicting intentions in the speeches of politicians and metaphorical modeling using different methods.

The interest in sociological problems of language is increasing according to the needs of modern society, for which the problem of language policy and other practical aspects of sociolinguistics become important. And the other hand it is grounded on the criticism of structural linguistics, and the desire to overcome the limitations of the immanent approach to language analysis and plunge into the nature of language as a social phenomenon.

The finding of actors who are able to take the lead of the valuable function of legislation and law-making powers, becomes urgent as the task of social and cultural development in the era of social changes.


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