The Structure of Organization and Management of the Research at Universities in the USA

Keywords: bottom-up management, higher education, research management, shared governance, universities, USA


The study aimed to identify the features of the structure of organization and management of the research at universities in the USA so that those features are used as variables in further research. The study used the method of content analysis of qualitative type to identify patterns of the structure of organization and management of the research in universities in the USA. It was found that the structure of organization research management at universities in the USA relies on four domains such as scientific, organisational (institutional), financial and legislative. The university research activity in the USA is regulated by federal law. The research office is involved in proposal development, negotiation, and management of the award, ensuring regulatory compliance regarding intellectual property protection and technology transfer, communication of policies and processes, dissemination of funding opportunities, and the sufficient level of committed effort dedicated to a project and certification. The office draws the emphasis on compliance with the below-outlined areas such as fiscal – cost transfers and sharing, direct charging, effort, financial and income monitoring and reporting, and research – animal subject (IACUC) and human subject (IRB) protections, conflicts of interest, environmental health and safety, export controls, invention disclosure, and reporting, scientific overlap and misconduct. The structure of organization and management of the research is based on the above collaborative work which is called shared governance with the bottom-up management approach. Further research is needed in the bottom-up management application prerequisites to be used in Ukraine.


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Author Biography

Kateryna Shykhnenko, Institute of Public Administration and Research in Civil Protection

кандидат педагогічних наук, доцент, Інститут державного управління та наукових досліджень з цивільного захисту, завідувач кафедри мовної підготовки


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