The Socio-Economic Pedagogy of Computerised Ifá Divination: A Conversation with Professor Danoye O. Laguda

Keywords: Computerised Ifá Divination, Pedagogy, Technology, Traditional African Religion, Yorùbá


In recent times, there has been the general public admission that it is possible for Ifá divination to be performed via smartphones and laptops. The implication is not far-fetched – the extinction of the babaláwo/ìyanifá, in the trio communication which comprises them, the client and Ọ̀rúnmìlà, the Yorùbá deity. What kind of education regarding the use of African ritual archives for contemporary problems can thrive? What are the possible educational problems and challenges that computerised Ifá divination may encounter in the long run? Will this make Ifá divination more effective and reliable since there is a disturbing number of quack babaláwo/ìyanifá around in recent times? Are there some important spiritual elements sacrosanct to divination that technology bypasses which may in turn diminish the accuracy of divination outcome(s)? How can these spiritual elements be overcome in a future development of technology for Ifá divination? How can original and fake Ifá priests be detected? What is the healing process in traditional Yorùbá medical practice and what role does Ifá play? In this pience, I engage Professor Danoye O. Laguda to consider these mind-boggling posers only to realise in the end that technology can be improved toward a better and improved divination technique, which cannot, do without the genuine babaláwo/ìyanifá. More so, the connection among pedagogy, technology, divination and spiritually are examined from a socio-economic dimension. This is able to illustrate the important role which pedagogy plays in the appreciation of traditional African ritual archives and how they function in making life meaningful in the face of the challenges posed by technology in a jet age.


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Author Biography

Emmanuel csp. Ofuasia, Lagos State University, Nigeria

Doctoral Research Student, Department of Philosophy,
Lagos State University, Nigeria.


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