Humanizing the teaching of Business Law for non-law university students of Business Administration

Keywords: Humanizing the teaching of Business Law, Role play, Simple Question, Journal writing, Business Administration students, Program Learning Outcomes


The article discusses Role play, Simple Question, Journal writing as techniques for teaching Business Law to Business Administration students. The educator’s perspective is believed to have a dramatic effect on the choice of teaching methods and techniques. From a management point of view, the understanding of law underlies a strategy to avoid lawsuits. The introduction of teaching approaches and techniques that respond to the graduates’ professional and human needs, such as role play, simple question and journal writing, is described as humanizing the teaching of Business Law, intended to arouse motivation and enhance learning outcomes for Business Administration students.

The article describes a step-by-step methodology of implementing the above teaching techniques in the real-time education process. The methodology has been approbated at Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles in the Business Law course during the Spring Semesters since 2017, totaling 15 courses. By completing the Business Profile and Business Journal and actively participating in the role play process, the non-law students were able to practice public speaking, develop their research skills and gain an understanding of the management and legal perspectives’ application in the business environment.

The quantitative evaluation of results was performed via program learning outcomes testing, and the qualitative evaluation – through unstructured post-test interviews with the participating students. The preliminary results used have been the comments provided by the End of Course Evaluations and the Peregrine Assessment of Associate of Arts Business degree program. Both quantitative and qualitative measurement showed increase in the program learning outcomes and students’ motivation and engagement. The impact on the Bachelor of Arts program will not be available until 2021. The experiences and results in using role play, simple question and journal writing have been used to provide recommendations for enhancing learning experiences and outcomes in teaching Business Law to non-law students.


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Author Biography

Lester С. Reems, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles, California, USA

Professor, Doctor of Public Administration, Juris Doctor,
Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles, California, USA
Telephone: +1(562) 522-7604


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