Enhancing leadership qualities for conflict management in intercultural business environments (as part of professional and foreign language preparation of future economists of international economic relations)

Keywords: business environment, conflict management, cross-cultural teams, leadership qualities, foreign language preparation, future economists, global intercultural environment, managerial grid


The goal of this writing is to advocate the significance of educating and enhancing leadership qualities and skills for successful conflict management situations. By analyzing the current trends in doing business nationally and globally, understanding approaches to manage conflicts in a cross-cultural business environment we have identified professional requirements for graduates seeking beneficial and successful careers in international business, economic relationships and management. Analyzing relevant articles the author points out that today’s business environment is notably sustainability-driven and aimed at maintaining the conditions that allow it to flourish in cross-cultural teams over time. Thus, organizations’ leaders and managers are and will be aimed at building enduring business institutions. The author underlines the importance of acquiring cultural awareness, basic knowledge of conflict management and cultivating leadership qualities in the process of foreign language preparation at university. The novelty of our research lies in the fact that we have undertaken an attempt to connect the importance of leadership qualities with the relevance of analyzing conflict management in general. We also emphasize that in future the global business will undoubtedly face a talent void, and, consequently, professionals able to think and treat different situations holistically will predominate the labour market. In the article, we also share our own experience of improving our students’ leadership qualities. The conflict management grid is analyzed. Based on the recent publications we suggested some crucial steps to be undertaken to achieve success in conflict management.


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Author Biography

Nataliya Aleksandrova, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

— PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor
— Ukraine
— Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman
— Associate professor at Foreign Languages and Cross-Cultural Communication Department


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