ISSN Online 2520-6702

«International Scientific Journal of Universities and Leadership» is a peer-reviewed journal in spheres of education and management, that publishes full-text articles online with immediate open-access.

The journal is established in the framework of TEMPUS Project 544343-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-LT-TEMPUS-SMHES «ELITE» — Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging».

Fields of knowledge:

  • 01 Education / Pedagogy – 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences

Publication frequency: 2 issues a year

Research areas:

  • Reforming higher education
  • Development of leadership potential of universities
  • Development of leadership potential in higher education
  • Advanced experience in university management
  • Higher education in Ukraine in the context of developing the European Higher Education Area
  • Internationalisation of higher education
  • Integration of higher education and research
  • Policies and governance in higher education
  • Leadership and institutional development of higher education
  • Economics of higher education

Publisher: Institute of Higher Education of NAES of Ukraine

Editor-in-Chief: Volodymyr Lugovyi

Manuscript languages: Ukrainian, English

Founded: 2015